The “DH Is An Abomination” 7-Run Pool

Entry Deadline is 9pm, April 5th.

Pool scores start counting on Tuesday, April 6th.

What is a 7-Run Pool?

For each entry, you will be randomly assigned a Major League Baseball team.  Then you just look at the final score for each of your teams’ games.  You are looking for your team to complete the scoring grid.  You need your team to post a final score with each of the numbers from 0-7.  Like this:

The first team to close all 7 boxes win.  (On the off chance that two teams do it on the same day, the prize will be split.)

The prize pool is 100% of the entry fees, minus the $25 it costs to run to run the pool. So, if it’s a full 30 entries, the prize would be $275.

There are 30 MLB teams so, we are limited to 30 entries.  Each player can have a max of 2.  (More on that later)

Entry deadline is 9pm on April 5th.  That is when teams will be assigned.  You can log in to your dashboard to see which team(s) you have.  Games will start counting in this pool on April 6th.

Each entry is $10.

How to play?

  1. Go here and sign up:
  2. If you want 2 entries (teams), once you’ve signed up, log into your dashboard and click “Your Entries” and select “add another entry”.  (Please limit your total of entries to 2)
  3. Then send your registration $ to either…. Venmo: @dandeibert or Paypal:
  4. Check your dashboard for updates. 🙂

If Monday afternoon rolls around and we still have slots open, I will send out an email to everyone at the same time and allow you to add a couple more entries if you’d like.

If you have any questions, send an email to [email protected]

Thanks and good luck!!